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Protection Plus

FyleTaxes LLC has partnered with Protection Plus to help tax preparers relieve their clients’ anxiety that results from receiving an inquiry from the IRS.

Who is Protection Plus?

Protection Plus has experienced audit assistance professionals that can provide advice for even the most complicated inquiries with a simple phone call. Protection Plus works directly with the tax preparer and the IRS or state to resolve the matter.

Tax credit and form assistance

Protection Plus works to fund denied credits such as Earned Income Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits, and Education Credits. They also assist in resolving issues related to ITIN (W-7) applications, Schedule A, Schedule C, and Schedule E at no additional charge.

IRS tax fraud assistance

Protection Plus will assist clients who experience problems in filing their tax return due to a suspected tax fraud incident by interacting with the IRS on their behalf. They will also help to complete all required paperwork to be submitted to the IRS. To prevent future incidents, they can help clients obtain an IRS Identity Protection PIN.

Tax debt relief

Protection Plus offers help to clients who owe tax debts to the IRS. When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience. Their staff will work with tax preparers and their clients for a resolution to their debt at no extra charge.

Discounted legal services

As members of Protection Plus, your clients will now have access to a nationwide network of over 20,000 plan attorneys. These attorneys have been contracted to provide Protection Plus members with many free and discounted legal services. When a need arises, members will be referred to a plan attorney that speaks their language, practices the area of law required, and is located close to where they live. Members will receive access for up to one year following their date of enrollment into Protection Plus.


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